Let’s say you are a family girl (or guy) and have put a few events on your ride calendar – paid the fees and are making plans with your friends to slay some epic rides. You’ve been really looking forward to these rides.

But a last-minute change to your significant other’s plans means to go on one of the rides you’d have to leave your kids without adult supervision for the better part of a day. They’re good kids for sure – you have no doubts of their abilities to just chill for a day – but should (g-d forbid) anything happen, you’d be a state or two away until your significant other got home.


Author: Laura

wife. mother. kick-ass girl. all mountain, all road adventurer by bike.

6 thoughts on “Dilemma”

    1. That’s what I am leaning towards. Disappointed but it’s the right decision. I don’t think I can get a refund so i’m going to see if I can sponsor someone else to go on the ride ($75 fee for this particular event).

    1. Indeed, that’s what I am leaning towards. I can totally get behind your logic here too. 🙂 Because the entry fee is non-refundable, I’m going to see if I can sponsor someone else to go.

      1. I was just getting on my email and saw your response come through…so thought I would pop on too lol. (I get fatigued fairly fast … so I do perhaps 3 or 4 comments … then rest. So you are the unlucky one to get babbling from me at the moment *grins*)

        It would be great if you could get someone to ride for you. On some, if you have your packet picked up then you can give them the bib number nod nods. On a few others, they have your name on it or call out your name as you cross the line … ack! (I paid for 2 events that I could not go to myself…and I do not think I could have given it away, as 1 was a race so there was a chip to id you, the other … was one I recall where they have your name on the bib number too!)

        How long was the epic ride going to be? And … $75 … that is a spendier ride for sure. Most I have done are generally between $25 – $40ish. (The highest was $15 entry … PLUS a $150 donation … it was a ride for diabetes though…so the $ went to a good cause … that was last year.)

      2. Please – I am honored you are spending your precious energy on commenting on my blog!

        It’s actually a Philly Bike Club ride -the reason it’s so expensive is we’re biking from New Hope, PA to Brooklyn, NY, having dinner, and then getting a motorcoach back to PA (bikes brought back by professional movers). I’ve heard the ride is full of historical tidbits, beautiful scenery, quiet roads, and generally a lot of fun. I signed up with my neighbor. It was going to be a really fun day on the bike.

        I’m sad but I know not going is the right choice. I’m going to see if my husband can change his flight … if he can’t, then I will cancel and see if I can donate my place to someone else.

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