Current Plans

2023 Edition

Inspired by my friend Ashley


Go car camping at least once

Visit my kids who don’t live at home

Vermont Beer-cation
a beer-cation is a vacation with a focus on visiting breweries

Maine vacation


Cold Rolled Fat Bike Festival – February

Midsouth Gravel – March
I entered the lottery not thinking I’d actually get in. Oops 😀

Berkshire Backroads Gravel Grinder (B2G2) – April

Farmer’s Daughter Gravel Grinder – May

Girls+Matt Mountain Biking Weekend – June

Ridges, Rivers, and Rails Bikepacking Overnight – July

Northwoods 600 – August
12 riding days with a very good friend on a three-state adventure

Rollin’ Coal Gravel – Sept
I signed up because I like the logo, which is a fantastic way to find great local events


Continue to balance work with family and friends

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