A list of things from my life that I think are interesting

  • broke my nose camping as a toddler. I still remember running up the hill to the picnic table and then seeing a metal pole come towards my face. (I had tripped on the concrete pad and slid into the picnic table supports)
  • sent to the principal’s office in preschool for sneaking into the Native American tee-pee on display at the school to play.
  • got my first bike from the town dump when I was in first or second grade
  • played the role of a turtle in the third grade class play. As I started saying my lines, a girl in the back of the stage fainted. I turned, looked, and then continued my lines. The show must go on.
  • I wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer when I grew up. Or a teacher. Or a Doctor.
  • canoed the Missouri River for a week with my science class in seventh grade. Somehow my group’s food buckets didn’t make it on the trip so we survived on parts of other groups’ lunches and dinners.
  • recreationally nordic ski raced one winter in eighth grade
  • hiked the Grand Canyon with my honor biology class in ninth grade. LA was on fire from the Rodney King riots when we emerged a few days later.
  • punched a tempered window once so hard it shattered
  • ran one of the underground newspapers in high school … and was on the actual school newspaper staff
  • Attended a high school featured on David Letterman’s Top Ten Wimpiest Mascots back in the 1990s
  • Discovered a love of media in a high school class. Became the student director of two video productions on the new high school being built across town. Both were aired on the school district channel.
  • took rugby as a PE class. I was one of four women in the class and the only one who actually tried to play.

  • for college, I was on the 5 year and 2 kids plan to get a bachelor of arts in television production. My documentary topic was comparing married student family life to a frat house life, which involved being 7 months pregnant and lugging a camera and light kit around. The only A+ I’ve ever gotten in my college career.
  • Took belly dance and hip hop dance classes because why not?
  • Took bowling for my PE credit and joined the student bowling league with my friends. I also ended up working at the university bowling alley/arcade in the basement of the student center until a freak storm flooded the town and the university decided not to rebuild the bowling lanes.
  • cried for weeks after miscarrying because I wasn’t able to give my baby elbows. Made the decision to have an abortion because my body didn’t spontaneously abort the fetus. Feel very strongly that it’s a woman’s right to decide if abortion is right for her and her situation, regardless of circumstance.
  • finally had a third kid a few months after buying our first house. Family size – complete by age 25!
  • converted to my ancestral religion in my late twenties. Studied with a rabbi for 18 months, went before the beit din, and dipped in the mikvah. One night I had a dream that was literally all of my ancestors celebrating with me followed by another dream that was literally just the emotion of Loved.
  • Studied Kabbalah for three years with Dr. David Sanders (Kabbalah Experience)

  • Girl Scout leader for my daughter’s troops for 7 years and across 3 states. We did all kinds of cool outdoor-oriented things. Still keep in touch with many of these amazing young women.
  • Rode 150 miles on my bike with my friends in one day. Felt strong and accomplished.
  • survived thyroid cancer in my late thirties. Decided life is too short to wait for the right time to do anything. Life with no regrets.
  • Discovered mountain biking, then dirt road riding (“gravel” before it was gravel), and finally bikepacking. Bikepacking with my girlfriends has been nothing short of transformative.
  • I was at a gravel even in western Massachusetts, holding my friend’s bike while she was using the port-o-potty. A tall, lanky guy came up and cut the line to use the facilities. “Who does he think he is?” I wondered, despite literally everyone else happily ceding their place in line to this guy. As he exits, he looks at me, smiles, and says “Hi!” to which I icily sneared, “hey.” My friend sees the whole exchange and excitedly says “OMG, Jeremy Powers said hi to you!” Literal USA Cyclocross champion speaking to me and I’m 100% the asshole.
  • I worked at 30 Rockefeller Center for a few years. One day I was coming back from a late lunch and noted a tall woman waiting in the same elevator bank as mine. “Is that Leslie Jones?” I silently wondered. It was, in fact, Leslie Jones.
  • Rode 320 miles in 3 days with two guys I met on the internet* despite not having ridden a century (much less three in a row) in at least 5 years. A good mix of pavement and gravel and chunky backroads on my trusty road bike with 26mm gravel tires and 10lb of gear (we stayed in tiny motels along the way).
  • to calm anyone’s fears, I had met up with the guys several times before the three day trip and consider them friends. But we did, in fact, meet on the internet.
  • Riding chunky gravel for years on my road bike with 26mm tires. That alone is pretty bad ass … now that I have a wider-tire bike, I marvel at what I used to do on skinny rubber. Like, what was I thinking??
  • went on a 5 day bikepacking trip 3 months after having my gallbladder removed in my early forties. Overpacked and bonked so hard I had my friend ask the people who’s driveway I was sprawled out on to call me a taxi just 18 miles from the end.
  • I rescued a kitten from the middle of a busy state route but was bitten in the process. A visit to urgent care for a deeply infected finger later, the county department of health insisted I get the rabies vaccine. Have you ever had a shot in your finger? It hurts worse than anything.

... to be continued!

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