This morning I was supposed to run my first five-mile event/race but I didn’t go.


My reasons:

* I feel terrible today. Some combination of intense seasonal allergies and camping Friday night and most of the day Saturday has rendered me exhausted. I ended up sleeping over 12 hours last night.

* It was 35* when I got up and while my cycling wardrobe extends into cold weather gear – my running gear does not.

(I’m not even talking about technical clothing – I do not own sweatpants or long underwear to layer under my fitness gear.  This will need to be remedied.)


While I do not regret my decision, I am disappointed in my apparent inability to keep up with everything I want to do. When I was ten years younger, I would have easily been able to plow through the allergies and exhaustion. But I’m not 25 any more and the reality is I need more down time than I did back then.


This brings me back to the yogic philosophy of honoring your body wherever it is. Some days you will be able to go further than you ever thought possible, others you won’t. And you need to accept where you are in this moment. So today will be a day of rest and being present with my family.


A five-mile run will still be there when I am ready.


See you on the road.

Author: Laura

wife. mother. kick-ass girl. all mountain, all road adventurer by bike.

14 thoughts on “Disappointment”

  1. Good for you! I get the disappoint me, but it takes strength and willingness (and a determination to be happy) to not let disappointment ruin a day 🙂

    1. Thanks. I just don’t have any energy today and know it’s best to listen to myself when I’m feeling run-down … it’s just frustrating because I want to be able to do everything every time!

      1. I hear you! Between school and my 3yo I barely have it in me to cook, let alone ride my bike, every day. I started running last fall and have had to stop due to a twinge in my hip–I loathe seeing runners. I miss it.

  2. I’ve found that it’s harder to ride in the cold than run. I have two thin pair of tights that are good to ride in down to about 35 but I can comfortably run in them down to 15. I also wear my cycling jacket when I run, it cuts way down on the layers. Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with SA… Do you find that they’re milder if you ride more? It works that way with me, I’ve always been curious if others have the same luck.

    1. I’ve worn a cycling jacket while running and agree it cuts down on layers. Having never run in less than 45*, I wasn’t sure what would be good layering or not. I thought about throwing my yoga pants over my fitness capris or adding knee-high socks .. but race day isn’t the time to try new stuff, you know?

      My SA are horrible. I skipped one day of Zytrec last week and I’m playing catch-up now. When the whites of my eyes turn pink (again), I’ll head to the doc for some steroids. 😛

  3. Personally, I think BOTH reasons are valid reasons for backing out of the run. But I know it does not make the disappointment any less.

    So … take a day of rest (and do NOT berate yourself for it…or then it will have been wasted rest!)….then sign up for another run.

    We are often too hard on ourselves … if another had posted this…I suspect you would have no disappointment in them, and only encouraging words yes? So…

    *holds a mirror up* … and gives you a gentle smile … because I know that you WILL get your first 5 mile run-event at some point.

    1. Thanks. I have a 5k already registered this summer – so all is not lost! I know I made the right decision – it’s just frustrating when you want to do everything and have to pick and choose. 🙂

      Thank you for the kind words!

      1. You’re welcome. By the way … I had my professional bike fit…omg it made a HUGE difference. Thanks for the info on it…

        So…tomorrow….wanna race? *smirkles*

      2. LOL. I’m trying to decide if I want to bike commute tomorrow or take it easy for another day. 😀

        One of my sisters lives in Colorado and ran 10 miles this morning because I was going to run 5. So I owe her a 5 mile run sometime this week. It will happen – just need to do it.

  4. Sorry to hear you missed your race Laura but kudos on listening to your body and giving it some well needed rest. Hope you are feeling better soon! – Simone

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