my miles to date this year. like WHOA.
my miles to date this year. like WHOA.


Something I’ve learned about myself over the years is that I am a data nerd. I love quantifying how awesome (or terrible) something is. I have a job that involves analyzing data every day (although not to the extent of a researcher – that’s crazy data). So it should be no surprise that I use Strava to quantify my everyday cycling as well as my weekend jaunts. I want to know if I really was as fast as I felt this morning or if I was really a slow-poke. How does this compare to other times I’ve ridden this route?

And I can get competitive too … but mostly I just like putting data around my fitness.


Remember that century I rode in late February? Yeah. I’d only been out five times prior this year. Granted I kept my base miles up all winter by riding as often as possible on weekends – but I’m still impressed with this feat.

March was a tough month to ride – I was on vacation for two consecutive weekends – but clearly I got out more than January and February combined (# of rides, not total distance).

April has been an explosion of bicycle happiness – over double my miles month-over-month. I’ll hit one thousand miles in seven more bike commutes. Seven! My cycling-for-transportation miles have exceeded my cycling-for-sport miles fairly consistently this year mostly because I have been plugged into the bike commute scene. It’s probably the most refreshing way to start and end a workday – fresh air, usually sunshine, and the gentle hum of the wind between your spokes.


Ok – enough geeking out on this. See you on the road!

Author: Laura

wife. mother. kick-ass girl. all mountain, all road adventurer by bike.

10 thoughts on “Infographic!”

  1. Awesome! Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t you hoping for 700 miles for the whole year (last year)? I may have you confused with someone else but I could have sworn…

    1. Last year I hoped for 2000, but I missed my goal by about 200 miles. I logged a scant (but still significant) 624 miles in 2011.

      This year’s goal is 3,000 but more importantly my goal is regular bike commuting. Totally Achievable!

  2. Awesome job Laura! Look at all those PRs too!! I know what you mean about being a data nerd I’m the same way. I’m worse since I got my Garmin too! 🙂

    1. I just bought a Garmin and kinda feel like it’s GAME ON now. LOL! 🙂

      I track on three websites – Strava; MapMyRide; and Endomondo – for different purposes.

      MMR was my first GPS-based tracking – so everything is there!
      Endomondo for the National Bike Challenge going on from May through September this year.
      Strava because I can export the GPX to the other two websites – so I don’t have to manually map out every ride.

      1. Yeah I’m on MMR by never really used it. I’ll check out Strava that could be handy. I log my workouts on BeginnerTriathlete and Garmin Connect.

      2. Strava is geared for very competitive people. I splurged and upgraded to Premium because I wanted to see my heart rate zone analysis – but most of their premium features require a power meter. Something I do not want or need!

        However it’s pretty detailed in its analysis overall. I like it but I do not use it for more than data tracking and picking up QOMs. 🙂

      3. Good to know thanks. I pretty much get everything I need from Garmin Connect now and it uploads straight onto BT’s website also.

  3. OMG….see…you are a real biker. I am playing catch up lol.

    I have a Garmin that tracks my data online…it is totally fun to track nod nods.

    Your mileage dwarfs mine. I was thinking of shooting for about 500 miles this season (April – Sept.) … I’ll go with that for now … but I do plan to get to your level at some point….maybe…..I hope.

    Way to go though….that is inspiring to me….makes me want to ride more too!

    1. My first “year” of cycling was late May through November of 2011. I logged 624 miles on my comfort hybrid. I felt so bad ass!

      Then I moved to Philly and got hooked into the local bike club and bike commuting scene. I ride with folks who don’t blink at logging over 5,000 miles per year – some over 10 and 11k! I don’t aspire to those heights – just want to ride enough to keep loving the ride. 😀

      What helped with my mileage was having a road bike. It’s SO MUCH EASIER to ride fast and far.

      So I guess what I’m saying is don’t sweat it – you are at where you are at and that’s awesome!

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