Miles for Fun

My riding has been severely curtailed this past week because my husband is out of town. I suppose my ability to ride shouldn’t predicate on whether he’s around or not but it does – someone has to guide our youngest out the door in the morning for school. And I suppose I could take my bike on the train and then ride home – I’d have to take the train after 9:30am to ensure I’m on a non-peak service. Significantly sub-optimal when it comes to convenience. Something to think about.

I’ve been reading BikeSnobNYC’s other book, “The Enlightened Commuter: Commuter Angst, Dangerous Drivers, and Other Obstacles on the Path to Two-Wheeled Transcendence.” I like this guy. It’s like he reads my mind and we think the same things about cycling in general. I endorse his books and blog – hilarious stuff friends!

Anyway, one of his points is to not get so wrapped up in ourselves and our data that we forget to get out and ride for fun. It’s easy to get wrapped up in “But I’m not on my nice bike” or “I forgot to turn on my app – these miles don’t count!” Data is only half the game – it’s fun and cool to ride for recreational purposes – but practical miles are still miles. It’s more than you do if you just stay home and sulk about not riding anywhere.

As a relatively recent convert to the Church of Cycling in general, I am definitely guilty of not always just getting out to ride. I enjoy group rides, I enjoy rides to the cupcakery, I enjoy rides on the path with my kids. Lately the kids don’t want to ride and it’s sad to me but I respect their need to assert their independence from my current hobby.

I’ve missed bike commuting this week a lot. More than I thought I would. I did a load of laundry and for the first time in months there wasn’t any cycling attire to make sure doesn’t get thrown into the dryer.




So today I had plans to meet my girlfriends for brunch. I am also on a schedule because the car needs an oil change and the dog needs to go to the vet. The oil change didn’t work out – that will have to wait until Monday. I hemmed and hawed over whether I should ride in for brunch or not. On one hand, I love the idea of getting a 30+ mile bike ride AND yummy brunch. On the other hand, I’m not keen on being the only one at the table in spandex and sweating profusely. I mean, it’s fine – I just want to look cute too.

My girlfriends all live downtown so they can ride their bikes over AND look cute. I want this! So I decided to drive my Beast of Burden and park downtown, then ride over. It was a brilliant idea! And I didn’t even turn on my mapping/tracking apps!

(although I did go back and map it out, estimate my time riding, and manually enter the data. HI MY NAME IS LAURA AND I AM A DATA ADDICT)

It was fun! I got a short ride in – and truth be told, I was sad when I rode up to my car because I just wanted to keep riding. But I needed to get back to the house, the kids, and the dogs.

Oh and brunch was awesome too – I could only eat half of it. Four thick slices of challah french toast stuffed with fresh local peaches, sweet farmer’s cheese, a light coating of local maple syrup and a dusting of powdered sugar. Coupled with mimosas, coffee, and awesome conversation. Totally worth it.

Hoping to score another breakfast ride tomorrow morning with my commuter friends. On a schedule again, but any miles will be better than no miles.


See you on the road!

Author: Laura

wife. mother. kick-ass girl. all mountain, all road adventurer by bike.

2 thoughts on “Miles for Fun”

  1. I really liked this post! I’m trying to get more into commuting with my bike, so it’s nice to read about others’ actually doing it! Thanks for posting!

    1. Thanks! I’ve only recently started – about a month ago – and have found it to be so much more than I expected it to be. I joined an existing commuter group in my neighborhood.

      We leave early and it takes 2-3x as long to get in (as opposed to the train – it’s a 15.5 mile route each way) but there’s nothing more awesome than crossing the bridge and watching the sun come up.

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