Super Secret Cool People Club


I managed to bike commute twice this past week on consecutive days, which always makes me feel like I’m part of a Super Secret Cool People club. As much as I hate my alarm clock blaring at 5:30am, the dark still cloaking the neighborhood, I know I’ll love the ride in. The cool air, watching the sun come up as we cross the bridge, fellow bicycle commuters with their panniers giving each other the knowing nod of solidarity.

I’m sure part of this is the novelty – I am a total noob in terms of bike commuters having only done it a couple times a week for about a month. The solo commute with two flats definitely tested my resolve … if I didn’t enjoy riding my bike so much, I would have totally used that as an excuse to stop.

This week also featured some drivers who were not using their best manners, of which I’m sure their moms are very proud of them.

The mornings are getting cooler and the dark sticks around a little longer each day. Arm warmers are becoming mandatory. One day I rode in with a base layer (no arm warmers) but was very warm by the time I got to the office. May not need it just yet? Although today’s ride was worthy of both arm warmers and a base layer in the morning … it was chilly!

Starting to think about winter riding and keeping the general fitness level throughout the winter. I’m not a fan of indoor cycling (hence why I have never gone to a Spinning class) … but I don’t want to hang up my cleats completely this winter. This past winter was super mild, which was great but also sad. Every winter needs some doozy of a snow storm.

(wow – I think I totally just jinxed us out here)

* * * * *

Today’s ride was 52miles of hilly happiness, an emu farm, a stunning view of the city from a distance, and a pit stop in the woods. Low speed but good company and a great way to spend a Sunday morning.


Author: Laura

wife. mother. kick-ass girl. all mountain, all road adventurer by bike.

4 thoughts on “Super Secret Cool People Club”

  1. I know the feeling, the mornings here are getting more chilly. I have about a month of decent riding weather, maybe a month lol and soon I’ll have to get out the trainer for the winter. I lost 30lbs this summer from cycling and I don’t planon gaining it back from all that holiday food this winter!! And thanks for jinx!! Ha ha!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! That’s huge!

    Yesterday I definitely would have liked the base layer with my arm warmers – the wind was going straight through my jersey – but by late morning the temps were in the mid-70s and a base layer would have been too warm. Autumn Cycling Problems for sure. 🙂

    I’m hoping to keep bicycle commuting once or twice a week throughout the winter. Snow doesn’t worry me too much – ice on hills is that scares me. 🙂

  3. I’m just on the edge of 30 lbs. lost over the spring and summer, largely helped by 750 miles on my bike. Those miles add up fast! And that’s just fun riding. I’ve been nervous about riding my fancy road bike to work every day.

    Happily, I’m getting a free commuter bike from a friend, which will allow me to start piling up the miles during the fall. I’ll need some leg warmers once the weather gets chilly, but Colorado’s many days of sunshine should help me stay on my bike throughout the chillier months.

    1. Congrats to you too!! I can’t say I’ve lost anything … in fact I’ve gained weight! But it’s mostly muscle … my legs have never looked better. Lol

      Nice about the free commuter! Anything 10 miles or less will take equal or less time then driving and you get the added benefit of fitness, fresh air and sunshine. Totally sad I never bike commuted in Colorado. It was only 12 miles by the bike path.

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