Traveling with Your Bike

I’m heading out with my road bike next week to ride the 34 mile route at the Elephant Rock Ride in Castle Rock, CO. Dropped my bike off with the experts at Guy’s Bicycles in Feasterville-Trevose, PA for a tune-up and box into an airline case. Everyone has horror stories about traveling with their bikes – oversize and overweight fees that are close to a round-trip ticket price.

I’m flying Frontier Airlines, a Denver, CO-based low fare airline for three reasons:

1. They have incredibly bicycle-friendly policies.

Bicycles, golf equipment, skis, & snowboards are subject to the checked baggage fees and overweight fees above (oversize fees are exempt).

Checked Baggage Fees vary based on the type of Fare Option you purchase and for EarlyReturns® members with Summit and Ascent level status:

Domestic and International* Economy Classic Classic Plus Summit, Ascent
1st $20 Free Free Free
2nd $20 Free Free Free
3rd and more (each) $50 $50 $50 $50
Overweight Baggage Fee (any items weighing more than 50 pounds) $75

2. They are affordable and still provide great service.

3. I achieved status with them last year so I get perks.

I’ll be recapping my experience once I’m on the other side.

Please comment if you know of other bicycle-friendly airlines so we can get the word out and support airlines that make it easier (or more affordable) to take your bike on new adventures.

Author: Laura

wife. mother. kick-ass girl. all mountain, all road adventurer by bike.

2 thoughts on “Traveling with Your Bike”

  1. How long does it take you to get adjusted to the altitude? I’ve doen some mtb in CO and I’m an east coast girl–I can’t believe how poorly I perform in the altitude. Gasping for air after a quarter of a mile. Climbing? Forget it. Sad story! Otherwise–it’s just so awesome there, very epic, very beautiful. And the wildlife is fantastic. Have fun!!

    1. I’m not sure … I’ve read it takes 7 days to fully acclimate with days 3 and 4 being when your body is in full production of more RBCs.

      Coming off the plane you notice how dry it is … Staying hydrated is definitely key.

      I lived in Colorado for 20+ years and love it. East Coast is so lush and green though … Not better or worse, just different. I’m just not used to the the amount of water in the air!

      I am heading out for a low key ride this evening … Will definitely share how it went.

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